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An American flight attendant in London

An American Flight Attendant in London

As you may possibly be able to guess from the title of this post and the fact that the picture has ‘An American Flight Attendant in London’ written on it – this picture was commissioned by an American flight attendant living in London who wanted to commemorate his couple of years living in the Big Smoke with a little something he could take back to wow the folks back home and try to prove that he didn’t spend absolutely all his hard earned pennies in the local pub…

We had him fill out the infamous id-iom questionnaire but truth be told we already had the design in mind and thankfully his answers only confirmed that our design was actually quite appropriate (his nickname of ‘the octopus’ was, after all, hard earned!) ¬†All that was left at that point was to apply the design to canvas. This is usually the swiftest part of the whole process but somehow this one managed to drag itself out a bit but at least we still managed to get it finished well in time for his final departure call. We even managed to get all the pub locals to sign the side of the canvas to give it that little extra sentimental boost.

So, as our newly minted envoy to the states hopefully he and this piece will be promoting the id-iom name stateside from here on in.





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