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Don’t sit so close to the TV. It’ll ruin your eyes!

Don't sit so close to the TV. It'll ruin your eyes!

When we were growing up there was an imaginary line in front of the TV (a virtual creation of my dad) which we weren’t allowed to sit in front of when watching the goggle box for fear that we would ruin our eyesight if we sat any closer. Now whilst this rule is no longer enforced and I no longer have the desire to sit approximately 3 inches from the screen sometimes I’ll do so just to prove a point. Anyway I thought that would be a reasonable segue into today’s offering…

We were asked if we could paint up a wall mounted box (that is used to mount the TV to the wall and hide all the cables) so as we are a pair of design cowboys we jumped at the chance to give another boring black TV a beautiful place to call home. Our only worry was that by painting directly behind a TV there was the possibility that it might distract the viewer from their viewing pleasure. With this is mind we decided on a more abstract piece than usual but I think that the final piece works well and the client thought so too, so all in all another happy pair of artists and another happy customer. What’s next i hear you ask? Stay tuned but definitely don’t get to close!





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