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Storm Bird (Tommy’s remix, Tony’s remix and print)

The initial Storm Bird video seems to have gone down pretty well so id-iom are proud to present two further video’s each with an original soundtrack that is very different from the first one and also from each other. First up we have our good man Tommy’s version. After watching the video without sound he came up with this straight away and then only had to refine and record it. I’ve got to say i’m pretty happy with how it turned out:

Next up – and with many thanks to Tony – we can really feel the storm clouds gathering with a bit of a darker take on the whole thing.

I like the fact that all the soundtracks are so different but also fit the video well. It has certainly been a lot of fun to do although perhaps if we were to do it again we could be a bit more organised about the whole thing and actually work out a plot, etc in order to make it a bit easier for us overall as you certainly have to put a whole load of work into stop-motion animation.

And finally to round off our little Storm Bird update we have a little thank you that we have put together for our contributors:

Storm Bird print





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