I know where Shergar is…

I know where Shergar is...

I know where Shergar is...


Since Shergar was kidnapped in February 1983 there has been much speculation as to his eventual fate.  Shergar was an acclaimed Irish racehorse originally bred and raised by the Aga Khan who sold shares in Shergar at the peak of his prowess so at the time of his theft he was owned by a syndicate of 34 owners (including the Aga Khan). Following his kidnap there was a somewhat comical police investigation and some negotiations with the thieves which finally came to nothing. The final fate of this majestic beast was known only by those directly involved.  Only now after years of painstaking research and gruelling interviews with witnesses can we reveal what became of the revered stallion.

Sometimes you really don’t know what the muse is going to get you to do next. This started out as a simple case of whitewashing the wall (with blue paint!) but then somehow managed to morph into a piece about Shergar. And that’s really all there is to it…




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