What cats really think

What cats really think

What cats really think

I was sat on the computer the other day when my kitten came up and was sitting staring out of the window at some birds on the rooftop opposite and it started making this unusual clicking noise:

I was thinking ‘surely my kitten can’t be broken already! It’s only a few months old!’. Well after a little research on the good ‘ol interwebs I found that this wasn’t a case of my kitten being faulty but is something that cats often do (although i’d never heard it before) when there is some prey or something they want to chase/attack but they can’t get to it so they do it out of frustration.

Now i’m sure this is really not surprising to people who have owned cats before as they are always enthusiastic in their willingness to attack small creatures but it led me to making an addition to a picture we did last week (bemoaning my ability to get the hang of tweeting) which I think captures the cuteness of kittens combined with what they are actually thinking…




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