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Just another Saturday night

Just Another Saturday Night - triptych

Just Another Saturday Night - Bed

Just Another Saturday Night - Jail

Just Another Saturday Night - Grave

This commission was a fun one to do as we were given no direction at all apart from the fact that ┬áthere was to be no colour orange in there and it was to be a triptych. Now that’s the kind of art direction we can work with. So we set about thinking what we could get away with on this one and finally came up with the notion of ‘Bed or Jail…’ After a little refinement in the id-iom lab (we needed a triptych after all) we came up with the third and really final option of ‘the grave’ (hence the oft used symbol of the skull). After a little introspection and examination of what we know of the commissioner we decided this was a good option and went to work from there…

The commissioner is in fact a young lady who sometimes goes by the nickname of ‘The Shuffler’ so we thought we’d better incorporate this little nugget somehow. The best option we could come up with though was the chorus of LMFAO‘s Every Day I’m Shuffling. This should probably have been enough to stop us dead in our tracks but after a little development we managed to shoehorn it in anyway by the expedient of translating it into hindi. This wasn’t as random as you might think though as she is also a keen practitioner of the mystic arts of yoga and has been known to go away to India on yoga retreats to practice her skills so we deemed it entirely suitable. She seemed happy on delivery so that’s another job well done as far as i’m concerned…




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