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id-iom v Phlegm (sort of…)

id-iom manx cat rides Phlegm's sea monster!

There I was doing my daily round of the internet and all the wonders contained within when I come across the piece above – done recently by Phlegm on the wonderful Isle of Man (where we are from). I was a little surprised and not just because the Island is hardly known for it’s liberal attitude towards public displays of unsanctioned art. It was because Phlegm had incorporated our Manx cat stencil from 2008 into his new piece. Rather than appearing adrift on a jumbled backdrop of graffiti our cat now appears to have taken his righteous place in the grand scheme of things and is riding the sea serpent on a wondrous journey round the abandoned swimming pool. I think all i can do is commend us on having the foresight to place our cat in the position when it would one day be riding a sea serpent…




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