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Toilet doors (a short history) by id-iom

If you’d asked me before I’d seen the back of the ladies toilet door at the White Horse I would (naturally I thought) have guessed that the gents toilet would have the more profane and numerous graffiti. As it turns out women can be far more creative and vicious and all seem to carry some sort of writing/scratching implement with them and are more than happy to whip it out to decorate the nearest available surface. Maybe because it’s they spend more time sat on the loo facing the door and therefore just have more opportunity? Maybe this is entirely standard for 2 years in the life of a busy pub?¬†I’d like to know if anyone can help me bear this theory out (as i don’t usually hang round the ladies toilet..) ¬†Answers on a postcard please.

First up, i’d like to present the evidence of Door no.1:

Door 1 - original state

Door 1 - when we had finished

Door 1 - present state (although the photo isn't that great and you can't really see half the stuff that's scratched into it!)

and now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me present Door no.2. I think the conclusions speak for themselves your honour:

Door no. 1 - original state (although we did add the colour stencils - but that was only to quickly brighten up what was an otherwise sad door chock full of swear words and character assassination!) Also, some of the best stuff was written in biro which really doesn't show up on the photo.

Door no. 2 - when we had finished

Door no. 2 - present state. FREE PALESTINE and occupy oakland! Get in there sista! I'm right behind you! Although my favourite bit of graffiti is "Theseus v Minotaur" - I loves me a bit of classical reference!




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