Let’s all celebrate Saint George…

Let's all celebrate St George...

Not being English I’ve just had to do a little research on Saint George as the only thing I knew about him was the story of George and the dragon. It turns out he was actually a career soldier born somewhere in Syria or Palestine in about 280AD. Apparently he was raised a Christian and was eventually tortured and executed for disobeying an imperial decree regarding his Christianity. Now that’s dedication…

The dragon story is fabricated much later as allegory to show Christianity defeating some kind of ancestral paganism – at least that’s what wikipedia claims. I prefer to think of him of some kind of armoured medieval littlest hobo going from town to town making friends and righting wrongs. And, of course, killing dragons. For no other reason than he’s a good guy with a strong community spirit. That’s who I’ll be raising a glass to later anyway…



PS – Just to clarify, this picture is actually from a couple of years ago but we hadn’t done a post about it before now.


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