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Here comes the rain again…

Let me free. Put me on the street!

I want to be on the street too!

I want to be on the street too!

Despite the fact I used a Eurythmics quote as the title for this post that was only because the more fitting ‘Why does it always rain on me?’ would, of course, make you think I was a complete whopper. It hasn’t stopped the evil song by Travis from becoming today’s earworm¬†though. How very annoying.

We have had a load of street art ready for over a week now but the weather just flat refuses to play ball with us at all. One minute rain, then a brief moment of sun, then heavier rain. It really isn’t conducive to getting things done on the street at all. I was counting on being able to wander round in pleasant Spring sunshine, find some good spots and then hit them up. However we have at least been busy in the lab in the meantime trying to come up with even more new stuff.¬†Anyway, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise I’m only putting a couple of little teaser shots up for now. Watch this space for further developments…




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