A Face for Radio

A Face for radio

A Face for radio

This girl is undoubtedly beautiful on the inside but in this day and age I would imagine she would be considered to have a good face for radio. I think it’s the pouty bottom lip and the mismatched eyes. Although there is nothing wrong with that as I have mismatched eyes and a somewhat pouty bottom lip (especially when sulking) although I, of course, am stunningly good looking and my asymmetry is part of my charm…

More and more these days though, the less fortunate (i.e less photogenic) men and women of the world (‘interesting looking’ as my mum would say) are being moved aside and being replaced by identikit facsimiles of some supposed beauty. Just take a look at FHM’s hot 1oo sexiest women. Now I haven’t read FHM since I was about 14 but its pretty difficult to miss their 100 sexiest list as it has been over numerous websites – including the ever respectable BBC. If you take a look at the list though can you really say all the women on there are the sexiest on the planet? Sexy must definitely mean something different from when i was a lad. It now seems to mean that all you have to do is be seen on some fluffy reality TV and that’s it job done.

I should probably stop now, turn on the radio and get back to painting as there is a possibility I could be ranting all day…




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