When the Muse is away…

When the Muse is away…

I’ve somehow woken up today with an awful cold but that hasn’t stopped me from doing a little art, it cures the soul apparently. So even if it isn’t going to get rid of my cold it will clear my soul. I’ll take whatever I can get at the moment to tell you the truth. Sometimes when I’m writing these posts the Muse just deserts me and I’m left wondering how to fill a small paragraph or two. Today would be a pertinent example of it.

You can probably tell as I’m halfway into my second paragraph and I’m still prattling nonsense unrelated to the picture above. This picture was in fact a small experiment at a more sketchy style stencil using a limited colour palette. I just thought a simple picture of a pretty girl would do it, no need to wallow in grimy hate filled pictures today, it just doesn’t seem right. There, whilst not under the Muse’s direct control and a little bit ill, that’s about the best I can come out with. It’s not funny, merely related information about the piece. I can also tell you that it’s hopefully to be used as a part of a larger piece but was initially done to see how the style would look once it’s sprayed. That’s all I can manage. Even I know when it’s time to quit so cheery bye for today…




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