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Go on! Put ’em up

Go on! Put 'em up

Go on! Put ’em up

Now for something a little different… Check out this feisty¬†little bugger. He’s just spoiling for a fight and he’s got you in his sights! If you’re not careful he could get you with one of his right hook, left hook, uppercut combos. I’m not entirely convinced of how much damage it would do though as it looks like his skinny little wrists would shatter if he punched anything tougher than a pillow. It looks like they would sprain as he tried to swing his arm through the air!

Is it irony that he was bestowed with an unforgiving and aggressive attitude but has very little to back it up with? It’s difficult to tell how tall he is from the picture but I get the impression he’s quite small but a bit punchy and probably has something of a Napoleon complex. However effective he thinks he is in the ring I know I’d back a 90 year old granny to take the crown off this chump and become King of the Ring.




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