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With good weather still prevalent (although I believe it won’t last much longer) we thought it prudent to get out and paste up some more of the numerous posters that are hanging around the studio. So with the sun on our backs and a cheeky smile on our faces we set out to take our wares to the streets.

Iron Jelloid Prophylactics

Take this Brititsh advert, purportedly from 1897, which for ‘Iron Jelloids’ which are ‘dainty, palatable, non-constipating and non-injurious to the teeth’. They even contained a little banjo salve and, as the advert claims, were widely acknowledged by discerning men as the best in the business. I’m sure they made a fantastic addition to the Prophylactic family of goods – which in 1897 was becoming something of a runaway success with their iconic cock logo being used even in this very early advert. I can only guess why they aren’t still available today…

Tobacco Bloom (complete with googly eyes)

I recently visited the ‘High Society’ exhibition at the Wellcome Trust and was very surprised to learn via a huge wall mounted infographic that the annual amount of money spent globally on the tobacco market is $625 billion as compared to $200 billion on the total illegal drug market and $825 billion on the entire pharmaceutical market (unfortunately i couldn’t find a version of the infographic image i’m talking about but have found more by same guy, David McCandless, on his website. This led me to thinking just how much the huge tobacco companies need to continue to sell us their product – and have us buy it. They have so much invested in continuing having millions of addicts that it boggles the mind. In some twisted way this led to the creation of Tobacco Bloom. The googly eyes are probably my favourite part of this piece. So there you have it.

Heroin Electronica

I knew i had this one nailed when a friend came up with the title. Little did he know it at the time (as he was talking about something else entirely) but he had just helped me put this one to bed. I love it when a plan comes together…

All I do is win

‘All I do is win’ is my personal mantra which i repeat to myself 500 times each morning whilst staring intently at myself in the bathroom mirror. It hasn’t worked yet but i’m convinced it will some day…

I’m particular

The lady in this piece is indeed very particular. I think you can tell by the jaunty angle of her hat. That is all for now.




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Seize the Upfest!

It would appear that we have something of a busy weekend ahead of us. And, as usual, we are woefully short of time. On the plus side we seem to work well under pressure so hopefully everything will work itself out…

First up, as long as we can get ourselves out of bed on time, we’ll be attending the Seize Art Fair on Friday to get ourselves involved in some East End fun. It’s something of a 90’s rave arrangement so we get confirmation of the meeting point in the morning then get to head off with some like-minded folk to have some paint related tomfoolery before anyone knows what’s going on. Well, that’s the plan and we’re in.

And then on Saturday morning it’s off to Bristol for the annual knees-up better known as UPfest. We’ve painted there a few times before and as long as the weather holds out it’s a good chance to paint what we like and catch up with whichever cool cats we can find. Now we just need to find a suitable old man to masquerade as us in all the TV interviews that are undoubtedly going to come our way…

Pictures will hopefully follow in due course as long as I can get said pictures before I manage to have too good a time. See you on the other side.

God save the Queen.


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