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Night at the studio

Night at the studio

Night at the studio – Girls Romances

Night at the stuido – Iron Jelloids

After some strange goings-on at the studio the id-iom natural history/paranormal unit moved in to see if they could fathom exactly what was causing things to move around and pictures on the wall to swap places. Whatever was going on seemed to be centred around two newly produced pieces – ‘Iron Jelloids‘ & ‘Girls Romances‘ which were in glass snap frames on the wall – so we concentrated our efforts there.

After setting up some various camera traps and arcane pieces of equipment to see if we could get some hard evidence of whatever was going on all we could do was sit back and wait for some results. Opinion was split on whether it was all due to a mischievous mongoose¬†or perhaps a restless poltergeist. Countless hours of waiting later I’m proud to announce we have some proof of what pictures get up to when left alone.

As far as I can tell both pictures have some kind of resident entities that only come out at night. They pushed the paper down and out of the frame so they could peer over the top to see what was going on. They appear to be unaware of our camera but quite interested in each other. After watching for a while we concluded that they seemed entirely harmless so we decided to leave them in peace after that. I’m not sure exactly what they get up to but everyone deserves a little privacy. Case solved.




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