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id-iom @ Sand, Sea & Spray 2012

To stare at the stars and yet only see the soul

To stare at the stars and yet only see the soul

Blackpool rocks
Blackpool rocks

Due to the predicted adverse weather conditions we decided to make the trip to Sand, Sea and Spray¬†on the Saturday morning rather than the Friday night. I’m still not sure if this was a good decision or not. After an early start and a gruelling journey we arrived in an overcast Blackpool and finally managed to make our way to our painting location for about 2pm. We got to work straight away as it wasn’t too wet or windy at that point. That was probably the first of our catalogue of mistakes. About 20 minutes later we had our first sustained downpour with accompanying wind which made a mockery of our attempts to paint the wall blue with masonry paint as it was dripping all over our painting and off the wall.

Not to be outdone by the weather we went to work on a second wall in our next brief window of opportunity whilst hopefully waiting for the other wall to dry before the rain closed in again and we had to retire to the safety of the car. By the end of the second ‘little shower’ the area was pretty much deserted but we soldiered on intent on getting it all finished. I won’t bore you with our tireless struggle against our implements and the weather but suffice it to say it was tough. Paint was spilled. Stencils were ripped. Words were exchanged. We had to make the best of the situation.

With Elton John as our backing music (he was playing on the promenade) we proceeded with a hastily thought out rearrangement of our original plan which would, we hoped, gives us a decent result. After a little further work we finally managed to reach completion. Regardless of the inclement weather we still managed to have a good time and get our work done which, I think, was something to be proud of. It’s just a shame that the UK weather in June isn’t very dependable as well we remember from our various trips to Glastonbury (which brings on a nostalgic feeling as it would be on next weekend if it were taking place this year…)




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