Because he’s mine and I want to…

Because he's mine and i want to

Because he’s mine and i want to

I’m somewhat annoyed with myself. I came up with the title for this piece quite easily as it’s obviously emblazoned right across the front of the picture but i’m already thinking that was a trap best avoided. It’s because whenever I see the title an earworm attacks and I can’t help but think of the soul destroying tedium of Billie Piper with her number 1 smash hit ‘Because we want to‘. I’d include a link to it but for some reason you can’t get it on youtube and i’d just be being cruel anyway.

I think the inspiration behind this piece is the idea that some women can get a little possessive over their man and then blame it on a little thing called love. Although the lack of clothing on this particular lady would suggest that she is using her power in an entirely different way…




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