As I’m sure we all remember Moses came down from Mount Sinai with a big ol’ list of things that we are supposed to do which God had handily inscribed onto two stone tablets so Moses wouldn’t have to try and remember the whole list. One of these ten commandments was concerned with not worshipping graven images or false idols. What is so wrong with graven images or false idols I hear you ask? Well, one look at the face of the lady in this picture and you can see why He’s right to be so concerned. She’s been foolish enough to worship at the altar of American Idol for many seasons and is now a gaunt and slightly warped looking scarecrow of a lady. Now she’s in too deep and there’s no turning back. And that’s just what happens when you indulge in that sort of mindless frippery. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!




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Filed under art, Graffiti, Painting, street art

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