What remains unsaid.

What remains unsaid.

I wonder what the next line out of the man’s mouth will be? Will he be truthful or diplomatic? It’s tricky to be certain. There are a lot of variables that can help determine his response. Sometimes discretion is the key and sometimes not. Although if my girlfriend came home with Comic Sans newly installed as her default font I know that I certainly wouldn’t be very happy as it would annoy me before she’d even finished her first sentence. But that’s probably just me. C’est la vie.

Today’s pic is brand new (and currently for sale if anyone is interested) but i’ve always quite liked the idea of existential pictures that seem to be aware of their surroundings and we’ve employed stencils that can think for themselves to dubious comic effect previously:

How can i tell her?

Bugger! Wrong picture again!

How to get your man




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