My own worst enemy

My own worst enemy

My own worst enemy

We found the piece of wood this picture is painted on a good few months back whilst out wombling and were saving it for something special. Whether or not we’ve achieved that goal is up to you to decide but all I can say is that I’m really happy with the way it’s worked out. We were debating having some text on there too but finally decided to let the wood and the picture speak for itself.

After receiving good feedback from our UPfest piece this year we thought we’d carry on a little with that style and see what else we could come up with. And for this piece we even went for a more arty photo to show the wood off in its natural habitat. It’s a pretty big and solid bit of wood and I don’t even know if you’d bother framing it but she looks good on a wall also (if anyone’s interested?)

If you can’t tell from the black smudged eyes and mile long stare that this guy gets himself into varying degrees of trouble on a regular basis then you’re never going to make it as a parent. He’s his own worst enemy and the countless repercussions from his impulsive behaviours have only served to clarify this in his mind. He knows he should change but it’s hard work. So, for now, he’ll stick to what he knows…




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