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I a-door you

I a-door you

I a-door you

Our studio is being demolished in a few weeks so we are having to move everything out which is a fairly traumatic – but there is an upside. Now that its getting more and more barren there are empty walls and surfaces emerging which are just begging to be painted on. And  that’s exactly what happened with this little beauty. Before we started tidying this door was largely hidden behind some bits of cardboard and MDF which is why only the top half has paint scribbles on it, but since moving all the clutter the bottom of the door looked strangely empty so I decided to cheer it up a little with picture of a pretty lady. Nothing too clever or original with this one, just a picture of a pretty lady to enliven an otherwise sad and abused looking door. Is it so wrong to try and cheer up inanimate objects?




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