The House of Graffiti (round 1)

The building our studio is currently in is slated for demolition at some point in the imminent future. Apart from making us want to cry like little girls it also gave us the bright idea that perhaps we could have a little paint jam inside her to give her a proper send off. After having a word with the developer (who’s a bit of an art fan) he gave us the go ahead. Unfortunately for us we managed to be left with the weekend when most of the people we’d have hoped would be helping out with a little bit of interior decoration were all at Paint & Beer in Amsterdam.

Not to be deterred we forged ahead regardless and managed to get a couple of people along to help out. So on Saturday we cranked up the music, got out the beers and had our own little paint and beer session. We’ll hopefully be adding more this week as I’d really love to fill the entire place with freshly painted walls but that all depends on the demolition schedule. With any luck though we’ll maybe be able to continue this weekend so if you’re interested watch this space…

125 Crest wall (WIP)

125 Crest wall (WIP)

Win when you’re singing (WIP)

The Early Bird

No Vandalism




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