On reflection

On reflection


Continuing with our attempt to fill our studio building with graffiti we have pretty much nailed one room now at least and here’s our final wall to prove it. As the other walls are a little dark we decided to continue with the sketchy feel of the other pieces but go down the tried and tested route of putting a lithe young lady on the wall. In the original image that this piece is (very loosely) based on the lady in question is reflected in a mirror although due to the fact that she’s at a funny angle to the mirror it’s not an exact reflection hence the fact that the two sides are slightly different. Eagle eyed viewers will of course have already worked this out due to my flipping of the id-iom stencil on her arm.

I’m sure our hordes of adoring readers will also be glad to hear that I’ve done a little internet research into how to get a decent panoramic shot and will be attempting to capture said shot today. Don’t hold your breath though…




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