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Finger heart (aka the noble art of the fingerbang) [Work in progress]

Finger heart (aka the noble art of the fingerbang)

I’ve had a little trouble with this post. The problem is that whenever I come to try and write something about this piece I can’t seem to get the notion out of my head that the finger heart is in fact a heraldic emblem for the noble art of fingerbanging. I’ve been saying to myself ‘C’mon son get your head out of the gutter and pull yourself together’ but the only other thing I can pull out is the rather prosaic text that follows:

The id-iom muse certainly works in mysterious ways. This piece was originally going to be used as a t-shirt design on another project that never came to be so it’s been sat in my designs file ever since – but with an abundance of walls to paint and not much time to do it we thought it was about time it saw the light of day. Once the design was on the wall however this led to an idea for a bigger concept for the rest of the room and even more work for us to do. Just you wait til the final piece is ready…

I can only hope we have enough time to complete our plan to fill our studio building with as much graffiti as possible before the demo squad move in. And a bigger challenge for us will be to get some decent photo’s of it all. Perhaps we’ll have to call in some professionals…




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