We had Myriam round to our House of Pain(t). She got some great shots and asked some questions…


I visited Sholto & Hugo Id-ioms studio yesterday, a 4 storey Victorian house all ivy covered exterior and damp infested interior. This scheduled for demolition house has been their artistic base for the past 18 months and is now virtually a live gallery space which Hugo & Sholto work on round the clock until the demolition men come to smash it to the ground. I actually felt like I was attending a huge installation show as I wandered the empty landings, opening doors to a myriad of rooms where every inch of wall (and ceiling) space is covered with their distinctive work.

Let me take you on a photographic journey before asking Hugo & Sholto some obligatory questions.

      Time for a little ‘good cop, bad cop’…

When did you both realise that you worked well together?

Sholto: We’ve been brothers for a good while now and despite…

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