Monkey Love

Monkey Love

There I was walking around the House of Pain(t) when i noticed the other half of id-iom had put up some David Guetta style hands on one of the walls. A representation of modern day love if you will. This forced me into a state of cognitive dissonance so I decided to disrobe, sit on the floor in a Zen-like state and try some deep meditation to see if i could come up with something fitting for the other wall. After some concentration and a quick snooze the idea hit me like a wet fish to the side of the head. To balance out this vacuous 21st century representation of love I would turn the other way and show some prehistoric style love. What better way to do that than show a rag tag collection of bones in the shape of a monkey skeleton with a magnificent beating heart in its rib cage. That will teach you to show your stupid gangly fingers at me David Guetta!!





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3 responses to “Monkey Love

  1. That certified stencil is awesome! PLEASE make me a t-shirt!! The skeleton is awesome, too! One love, bredrins.

  2. It’s a screenprint on a wall (as we were getting a little experimental). It does look spiffy though. I do agree. I will see if i’ve still got the screen and can knock something up…

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