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Another little interview covering our soon-to-be-demolished house…


SF have had the pleasure of knowing the id-iom boys for many years and along the way there have been some interesting sites… not least the 7am sessions on Brixton Hill with leopard print onesies and facial hair. This interview gets a little closer to the brothers of paint as they answer questions at their Haus of Pain-t

Firstly when is the house there till? and can anyone come and have a look around?

Sholto: The house is probably going to be around for another week or two but we’ve no final date at the moment. We’d love to have people round but i’m not entirely sure how an open house would work out

Hugo: Just the other day a part of one of the rooms in the attic fell down. I’m not talking about a whole collapse here where we can see the clouds in the sky but just…

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Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Occasionally we are commissioned to produce something which isn’t much like our usual output and today’s offering is a good example. A while ago we were asked to come up a picture for a 40th birthday present and I’d like to think we finally managed to succeed with our off-the-wall offering of ‘Grandad, a bohemian grenade especially for you!

So when we were asked to do something for a 30th birthday we thought we’d have a little check of the interweb to see what was no.1 on their birthday. Lo and behold it was Survivor’sEye of the Tiger‘ so with such a good birth tune we thought it prudent to keep things simple. With our time done and our chances taken we purchased the 12″ vinyl version from Ebay and it was then just a simple matter of cutting a stencil for the dedication then getting it passed to our framer. My favourite touch on the sleeve design is the fact the band are reflected in the tiger’s eye. Hang tough and stay hungry.



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