Hanging tough

Hanging Tough

Hanging Tough

Arghhhhh! It’s the pink room again! I don’t know if I could ever have lived with such garish coloured walls. But luckily I don’t have to. As we are now slowly beginning to sort out the studio in preparation for the imminent arrival of the demolition crew we found (amongst other things) a load of wheatpastes that we’d somehow neglected to paste up and thought that could be easily remedied whilst taking up a bit more space in our death row townhouse. So after mixing up some pasting solution we set to work with gusto.

As the wheatpaste was only of her top half we thought it best to give her a bit of shadow and have it look like she’s stood behind something. I like to think of this girl as the proper tenant of the pink room and that she’d sooner punch you in the kidneys than suffer fools gladly.




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