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Final few pics from Standardfact


Final shots from the soon to be most attractive pile of rubble since the Berlin Wall fell over 20 years ago.

Hats tipped to Hugo and Sholto at id-iom

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Androgynous ghost head is your friend

Androgynous ghost head is your friend

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with some sparkling and relevant words when what you’ve got is a big disembodied white androgynous head on a fetching pink wall – but i’ll give it a shot.

I’m not sure if you already know this but the only time that you can actually see a┬ábig disembodied white androgynous head when it’s not painted on a wall is when you have a ghost in your house. Which would be frightening. And you wouldn’t really want that so we’ve given you the next best thing. At least this one looks friendly.

This room is now pretty much completed and the only remaining job we’ve really got left is to try to get a decent panoramic shot. Which is easier than it sounds when you are lumbered with my photography skills. Hopefully we’ll get there…



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