House of Pain(t and wheatpastes)

Totes Baybz wheatpaste

Asterion Wheatpaste


Radio wheatpaste

Wheatpaste wall


Caught in the act wheatpaste

Blue in the face wheatpaste

All i do is win wheatpaste

If only the sides were even wheatpaste

Thread in corridor

Graffiti pledge wheatpaste

Up corridor


Mock me at your peril

Since all the main walls have now been taken up at our House of Pain(t) we’ve moved onto filling more of the smaller irregular spaces with whatever we have to hand. And since we’re having to clear out the studio in preparation for the demolition crew at the same time we keep coming up with stuff that had been put aside or lost at some earlier point and is now just crying out to be used to further adorn the walls before D-day.

Mostly these are from a big hidden stash of hand done, screen-printed and stencilled wheatpastes that were at the bottom of some pile or other. Although the ‘Mock me at your peril’ lampshade was from an entirely different project that never got off the ground and it was never actually intended to be a lamp shade but there you have it…





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