The Girl with the Pelmet Crown

The Girl with the Pelmet Crown

I’m pretty sure the pelmet (if that’s what it is) was the starting point for this piece and for the whole room. It’s always fun to work with whatever objects are already on a wall and to try and incorporate them into the piece to produce something that is site specific.

Anyway when you have a pelmet-like device on the wall what do you do? Well, you add a rather frosty looking lady smoking a cigarette who seems to be wearing the pelmet-thing as some kind ethereal crown or halo that seems to float serenely above her shock of jet black hair. It would also appear that she’s been smoking that much that clouds are now beginning to form in the air around her. She seems to be something of a contradiction in terms. I do wonder what a girl like that would be capable of. You’ll have to stay tuned to ‘The House of Pain(t)’ to find out…





Filed under art, Graffiti, in progress, Painting, screenprint, stencil, street art

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