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Prosecute this!

Prosecute this!

So it’s day 2 of our Yuletide Fundom Demolition Sale and we’ve got a new piece on…

Today’s offering is Prosecute This! It’s an A3 screen print with unique hand finishing. When I was growing up I occasionally saw the graffiti ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ about the place and didn’t understand it until my dad explained the joke to me at some point. I reckon I must have thought he was some kind of Robin Hood figure who the police were after but had public opinion on his side. This obviously appealed to me and lodged in my mind and now, after a good deal of processing, has now manifested itself in this piece.

I selected the date of 1880 as after a little internet research it would appear that was the date the ‘Bill Posters is innocent’ joke first made it to print (apparently in The London Graphic) so it’s certainly not anything new. I like the fact it still works today though.

Here’s the Ebay link – goo.gl/L3wqY

Let the bidding commence!





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Tears of a Care Bear

Tears of a Care Bear

This is what happens when you make Care Bears cry. As we saw yesterday the Care Bear had turned to drink in order to soothe his broken heart. His belly insignia had turned to rain clouds and the weather had responded. However, when Care Bears are depressed they are still dangerously volatile magic creatures so one should always apply caution. A Care Bear rain-bow is almost as rare as unicorn’s tears but a lot more spectacular – and will drown you far more quickly…



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