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From the cradle to the grave

From the cradle to the grave (Red)

So it’s a few days closer to Christmas and we are moving ever onward with our Yuletide Demolition Sale with another piece starting at the sporting price of just 99p. Here’s the Ebay link

Today’s offering is called ‘From the Cradle to the Grave (Red)’. ‘From the cradle to the grave‘ is an idiom. We are called ‘id-iom’. Therefore it is a good name. This is our latest A3 hand-finished beauty which we offer for your perusal. Featuring  a screenprinted level, some watercolour, a little spraypaint and a dab of acrylic this is sure to add a dash of colour to any wall. Signed on reverse.





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Eros’ Love Revolver

Eros‘ Love Revolver

First up I think I need to apologise for the shoddy photograph. Photgraphy has never been a strong point of mine and doesn’t look like becoming so any time soon. Right, now that’s dealt with we can move onto the picture. This stencil was actually lost in a huge pile of paper and only came to light when we were beginning to clear out the studio. I had idly wondered where it had got to but was glad to finally find it and felt it deserved to be put up in the house which it had been hiding in for so long.

Anyway, it’s clearly Eros reaching for his love revolver as he prepares to loose off a couple of love bullets at some unsuspecting but soon-to-be lovestruck star crossed lovers. Let’s hope his aim is true…



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