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I Seen I & Smile

So a few more pictures are for sale in id-iom’s Yuletide Fundom Demolition Sale!

i seen i ebay

The first called ‘I Seen I’ and features a disembodied hand holding an eyeball  with a moody red iris. Now what’s more Yuletide than that i ask you?

It’s a single layer screen print on A3 with hand finishing touches and is signed on reverse. It’s starting at 99p and here’s the Ebay Link

smilley drip ebay

The second is called Smile! and consists of a big smiley face giving you a big cheesy. This picture is A2 in size and uses watercolours with stencils to create washed out effect. Its starting at 99p also and here’s the Ebay Link




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King Dog and the Angels

King Dog and the Angels

King Dog and the Angels

When we started working upstairs at the House of Pain(t) we invited a couple of friends along to help out. In one of the upstairs rooms Perspicere went to work doing a thread piece that my poor photography skills just don’t do justice to as it’s pretty elaborate and nebulous (it’s the thinner dark thread you can just about make out in the background). He even came back the next week to try and get it completed but then had to leave early due to a small domestic emergency. After doing pretty much all the rest of the house we had his not-quite-completed room to contend with. As there were so many nails in the walls and thread all over the place the only thing we could really do was continue his work to some degree.

So we decided to make it some kind of  angel and ‘laser’ protected shrine to a strange canine king that is looking benignly down on a pair of kissing angels. It sounds odd now I’ve written it down but it seemed the only course of action we could reasonably take at that time.  You have to use your imagination a little to pretend the red threads are laser beams protecting the shrine but i must stress that the effect is really much better if you see it in person (which you can’t). The angels had been lurking in the basement for some project that never came to pass and they just took up too much space to be transported onwards with us. I hope they’re happy.




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