Horse Walking Weird

So another day and another couple of pieces in  picture in id-iom’s Yuletide Fundom Demolition Sale – both are A3 and we have started the auctions at a measly 99p! Game on!

The first piece is called ‘Walking Weird’. It’s A3 in size and consists of a hand drawn girl in the crab position dressed in a bikini with a watercolour background. Like you do. And it’s signed on the reverse. Here’s the Ebay link

Our second piece is titled simply ‘Horse!’ is an A3 screen print with hand finishing. It features two figures; one with a head of a horse the other a sexy woman in some kind of S&M gear. Need i say more?

Perhaps strangely the inspiration for this piece came from a toy horse that was bought at a market in Spain that had such magnificent packaging that he just had to be purchased. I can’t imagine the toy passed any safety inspections and was probably covered with lead based paint but i had no intention of sticking it in my mouth. He even had some text on the box which had been badly translated into English (I’m guessing from Chinese). The text reads:

‘Flips the tail, horse runs
Truly scamper action’

The toy and packaging were magnificent in their crappiness but it did supply us with hours (well, minutes) of entertainment whilst drunk one night and at least we managed to get some artwork out of it. All in all i’d say it was a pretty good toy. It’s just a shame we don’t have a picture of the toy or box for you to marvel at.

It’s A3 in size and is a screen print with unique hand finishing including acrylic and spraypaint. Signed on reverse. Here’s the Ebay link





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