The Old Jamm Inn

The Old Jamm Inn

Some people seem to have all the luck don’t they? There we were hard at ‘work’ (a euphemism for sitting at home trying not to distract each other from the tricky task of watching ‘Homes under the Hammer‘ whilst simultaneously ignoring both work deadlines and frigid draughts that seem to beset us from all sides) when my phone chirps to let me know it has received a text. After warming my fingers for a few seconds under a lighter i’m able to move my fingers enough to operate the phone. I somehow manage to press the necessary buttons and wipe the frost from the screen. My phone then reveals that we’ve been commissioned to design a logo for a new bar opening in sunny Barbados. How very fortunate – for the person moving out there and setting up shop that is!

Being the happy little worker bees that we are we then get as much information as we can pertaining to this forthcoming venture and set to work – properly this time but only after Homes under the Hammer has finished, naturally, and after setting a small fire under the computer to get her warmed up. I just know he’s not going to be having the same problems in the ‘Old Jamm Inn‘ when it finally opens in Spring 2013. I think their tagline is ‘Booze, beats and burgers’. Sounds ideal really.

If you’re in the neighbourhood next year I’d suggest you drop by for a warm welcome and a cold drink. Jamie, if you’re reading this and you need the interior painted up just let us know – we’ll happily take a busman’s holiday for flights and board!




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