Looking back

Usually we’d drive back home with a car full of paint but this year though we tried to think ahead a little and ensure some art stuff was there on arrival. To facilitate this we took a new invention called the ‘aeroplane’ which is a fixed wing aircraft and is heavier than air but capable of flight using its wings to generate lift caused by the vehicle’s forward airspeed and the shape of the wings, if you’d ever believe such a thing! Travelling with 3 bags between the 2 of us was apparently a no-no (despite the fact that we’d read up on all their baggage rules and regulations and our combined bags were well below the required weight for two passengers). Luckily we managed to circumvent the Man’s rules by the simple expedient of putting one bag inside the other. Finally we were home safe!

Not ones to rest on our laurels we fought the elements to get a few new pieces up and had time to revisit a few older pieces that were still up to see how they have aged:


Jealousy was originally put up in summer 2010 and has certainly aged in that time. Plus someone has killed him by adding a red bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. Cest la vie…

Swedish Love Pump

Swedish Love Pump was originally put up in Xmas 2010 and looks like it won’t have long left before it’s unrecognisable. Maybe we’ll just paint over it next time.

Celebrity Wordsearch

Celebrity Wordsearch has faded fairly dramatically but I imagine the keen eyed can still work out who’s who.

We weren’t just catching up with old friends however, we also did a few more pre-planned pieces which will be forthcoming over the next few days. When we had got them all done we still had some paint left in the cans and time left on the clock we thought we’d do a little freehand to see what would come out…

Cartoon man

The cartoon man reveals little but his heart is pink. That is all.

My soul is BLACK

My soul is BLACK however probably reveals a little too much about our combined thought process and the fact that we still have an awful lot to learn about how to use a spraycan. Onwards and upwards…




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