For starters I think we found a great wall to do this one on. Suitably dingy and derelict looking. It was pretty much just asking for it. And we were happy to oblige. Whilst getting a good photograph proved to be something of a challenge I think we managed to persevere long enough to get a decent shot.

We’d usually try to cut the line work a little more delicately but we only had one blunt and crappy scalpel between us when we had the time to cut it. I think a thin or stencil cap would have been nice to touch up the lines but we could only work with what we had and beggars can’t be choosers. In fact given some the sub-standard equipment, the fact that the wall was damp and the generally inclement weather conditions I think this one turned out just fine…

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what our character has taken umbrage with. Maybe it was our poor attempts at set decoration…




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Filed under art, Graffiti, Painting, stencil, street art

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