People i like

People i like

People i like

So we’ve still got them coming in our demoolition sale and, of course, it’s starting at just 99p. Here is the Ebay link

I don’t think the motivation behind this piece is entirely difficult to imagine… If you haven’t worked in an office then you can’t imagine how lucky you are. If, however, you have worked in an office then I’m sure you can appreciate the sentiment behind this piece.

You only really have to spend a day in just about any office to know what i’m on about. In fact, that feeling is probably one of the reasons I love doing art so much. No one (well almost no-one) to answer to or to tell you what to do. And any credit (or otherwise) goes directly to you. No evil boss trying to take the credit (or pass the blame). Ah, the life of an artist…

It’s a 2 level screen print on paper with unique hand finishing. Signed on reverse.





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