Tobacco Bloom

Tobacco Bloom

Tobacco Bloom

Another piece in the id-iom demolition sale and it’s starting at just 99p. Here is the Ebay link

A while ago I visited the ‘High Society’ exhibition at the Wellcome Trust and was very surprised to learn via a huge wall mounted infographic that the annual amount of money spent globally on the tobacco market is $625 billion as compared to $200 billion on the total illegal drug market and $825 billion on the entire pharmaceutical market (unfortunately i couldn’t find a version of the infographic image i’m talking about but have found more by the same guy, David McCandless, on his website This led me to thinking just how much the huge tobacco companies need to continue to sell us their product – and have us buy it. They have so much invested in continuing having millions of addicts that it boggles the mind. In some twisted way this led to the creation of Tobacco Bloom. So there you have it.

A unique A3 screen print on paper with hand finishing. Signed on reverse.




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