Glastonbury 2007 – A year to forget

Glastonbury 2008 – A year to remember


Thankfully id-iom have managed to get their hands on tickets for Glastonbury again this year and I thought it might be appropriate to craft a small memento commemorating past years. I have been fortunate enough to attend all available festivals since my first attendance as a festival virgin in 2000 – and have thoroughly enjoyed every one come rain or shine…

With it being held in the UK the one thing you can never guarantee is the weather and regardless of whether it’s glorious sunshine or raining cats and dogs there is always superior levels of amusement to be had. In fact I perversely enjoy the inclement weather somewhat as it really does sort the men from the boys. In 2007 we had the torrential rain for pretty much the entire festival (just like in 2005!) which left the site like some apocalyptic swampland. Then a year later it’s blazing sunshine and tans all round.

Both pictures are based on a photograph of me enjoying the comfort of a pile of rubbish whilst sheltering from the blazing sun under an umbrella I’d found lying around. It probably prevented me from getting sunstroke that year…

They are both A3 in size and signed on reverse. Here are the Ebay links:

A year to forget

A year to remember




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