Pure White. 21 grams.

Pure White. 21 grams.

Pure White. 21 grams.

As i was a little bereft of ideas for what i could write regarding this piece I decided to put ‘pure white 21 grams’ into Google to see what would come up. I thought some cocaine reference would probably come up and was surprised that one of the top results was a site selling something called JWH-018. After a little research it would appear that JWH-018 is a very snappily named designer drug that mimics the effects of cannabis. This has been banned in the UK and various other countries but is still widely available on the internet.

Now whilst this hasn’t got much to do with our picture i just thought it was an interesting aside and just goes to show how enterprising chemists can be. I suppose though that the picture is actually in response to Duncan MacDougall who said that the soul weighed 21 grams.

Its a single level screen print with chalk, acrylic and spray paint hand finishing. It is A3 in size and signed on the back. Here is the Ebay link




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