Be still my beating heart

Be still my beating heart (close up)

Be still my beating heart

We did a version of this on paper last week (which has already been on eBay) but the street was always where I’d imagined this piece to live. And not only did we find a great spot for it but the location also gave us a great idea for extending this piece that we’ll follow up on as soon as we can. Anyway, i digress. Apparently the earliest citation for the term ‘be still my beating heart’ comes from William Mountfort‘s Zelmane from 1705:

“Ha! hold my Brain; be still my beating Heart.”

Now I quite like that quote and think it’s a nice romantic concept so I thought I’d give it a little id-iom twist just in time for Valentine’s Day. Apparently Sting did a song called ‘Be still my beating heart’ but I’ve neglected to link to it as I’ve taken a hit for the team and it’s really not that good. On the plus side though at least we got out on the streets despite the inclement weather.




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