Every now and again whilst i’m working in my oh-so-glamorous shed I’ll glance at this design pinned to the wall and my mind will wander. Sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of a future where the id-iom stamp of approval is as ubiquitous as pieces of Ikea furniture.

To a time when the secondary market will be awash with fake id-iom prints and people will be clamouring for signed originals. Looking back our initial run of screen printed id-iom stamp of approval pieces will be seen as a seminal statement and turning point that allowed us to move onto ever larger and more extravagant projects and will forever serve as both indicator of good taste and be it’s own Certificate of Authenticity.

I can just hear a cyborg David Dickinson in 2050 proclaim ‘If you’d been spotting future antiques and managed to get on board whilst these were cheap as chips you’d be quids in now.’

Then i usually wake up and realise I’d been drinking heavily the night before…

She’s a single level screenprint in process magenta on A3 paper and is from a limited edition of 5. She is also signed and numbered on reverse. here is the ebay link



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