Optimus Primary

Optimus Primary

Back in the day Transformers were definitely some of the best toys around. I’m going to gloss over the whole Michael Bay big screen version as an aberration that is best ignored. I’m talking about the 80’s cartoon version with the cool noise when they transform and their insatiable need for energon.

I can remember making my own Soundwave costume from cardboard although it was a bit beyond my mechanical prowess to actually make it transform (unlike the guy on the link below). Ah, those were the days…

The inspiration behind this one is the power of imagination we all used to have as children which allows you to play for hours with just about anything you find around you by subverting it’s boring everyday use and giving it a whole new role in life. She’s a one level screen print on A3 paper with unique hand finishing. Signed on reverse. Here’s the eBay link.




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