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Maps. You’ve got to love them. They can come in very useful. Although I doubt this map will be guiding anyone anywhere again. Destiny has something entirely different in store for this particular map. She’s become art.

Embiggen is intended to sound like a real word but in fact is completely fabricated. Embiggen, coined by Dan Greaney, has seen use in several scientific publications since its creation in an episode of the Simpsons.

This gentleman is trying to embiggen his arms somewhat so he can be like Stretch Armstrong. But alas i don’t think he’ll achieve it. For one he’s just a normal human called Geoff from Dorking (as the map suggests) and second he’s mucho crazy in the brain (in fact that probably helps when trying to grow your arms out – thinking outside the box and all that malarky). At least he’s happy!

It is made using acrylic charcoal and paint pen on a map. Its 47 cm x 87 cm in size and signed on reverse.

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