A girl of a thousand sins

A girl of a thousand sins

A girl of a thousand sins

Don’t you just love it when courier firms make you wait at home all day on the basis that they’ll be dropping off your delivery some time between 8am and 6pm? That was the predicament I found myself in just the other day so rather than sit there stewing and wishing all kinds of afflictions on the delivery driver I decided to get the old paints out and start making a bit of a mess. I certainly wasn’t going to let the courier company waste my day, that was for sure.

With scant inspiration other than a neccesity to fill my day I set to work. What I’ve ended up with is ‘a girl of a thousand sins’ and you can just tell from the tar black pits for eyes that most of those sins have been racked up doing things you’d rather not know about.

Right, Spring appears to be here so maybe I’ll have something cheerier soon…





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