Music in her eyes and a butterfly in her hair…

‘Butterfly in her hair’ on the streets of Brixton…

‘Music in her eyes’

Butterfly in her hair

This one didn’t even make it as far as the streets but at least we know she went to a good home.


Butterfly in her hair.

Music in her eyes.

Butterfly in her hair.

With Spring in the air we thought it best to take advantage of the good weather and hit the streets with a few small pieces we thought we’d put up around Brixton. It’s nice to have a reminder that we do occasionally get to see some sunshine.

For this drop we went with a few pieces of cardboard which we’d decorated with one of a couple of pretty ladies that we have been working on for some other pieces. They’ve been made using the magic of screen printing and spray paint and are signed on the back. Unless they’ve already gone they should be relatively easy to find if you’re in the neighbourhood…




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