F**k Vestiphobia

F**k Vestiphobia

F**k Vestiphobia

I definitely think i’m more of a vestiphobe than a gymnophobe. Just in case you didn’t know, gymnophobia is the irrational fear of nudity (they may worry excessively about seeing others naked or being seen naked, or both) whilst vestiphobia is the overwhelming and irrational fear of clothing. Sometimes it all just gets a little much for me and I feel I have to divest myself of my clothing and have a little dance round the front room. Despite the fact my girlfriend calls this sexual deviance i’m sticking by the fact that i’m a sometime vestiphobe. So there you have it. That’s my defence and i’m sticking to it.

Here is the ebay link

She’s a generous A2 in size and is made using the magic of acrylic paint, chalk, watercolour, and paint pen. Signed on reverse.

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