The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

The Band in Hand

As regular visitors to our local pub we were asked if we would do a painting for a charity night that they were holding for a bunch of childrens charities. As it was for those pesky kids we thought we’d better get involved. The pub is called ‘The Hand in Hand’ and the day in question was to be called ‘The Band in Hand’ – you can see what they’ve done there can’t you? – as there was to be a day of live music and general frivolity (including none other than the dog from the Go Compare ads. You can imagine the excitement was palpable.)

Anyway, as is usual for us, we left it to the last minute so whipped up a couple of designs and then decided on the tried and tested pretty girl routine. It was due to be auctioned on the night so we thought we’d make it as saleable as possible. As we were doing this on a huge bit of board we thought that most punters would probably be a bit put off by it’s size and so also did an A2 paper version (which we failed to get a photo of. D’oh!) Thankfully they both sold so at least we made a decent contribution to the day.




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